If you have been pondering buying a home, it is time to stop thinking about it and start shopping! There are gorgeous, ready to move into homes all over, and many of them are priced at nearly half of what they were purchased at just a few short years ago! There are thousands of homes to choose from in our area, and sellers are negotiating on their asking prices. Bank owned properties offer especially amazing values. Read on, and get ready to be excited about buying YOUR perfect home! Read more about Buying property


The decision to sell your home, especially in our current real estate market, is one to carefully consider. How can you be certain you will receive top dollar for your home? What steps can you take to reduce the stress involved with having a home on the market? Is it better to move out of your home before placing it on the market? Please read on for answers to these questions, and a plethora of other tips and advice, as well! Read more about Selling your property

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"I make a $200 Donation to the Yavapai Humane Society and Adopt a Kennel on your behalf each time you buy or sell a home with me!"

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